Pull Test West

We Pull Test:

  • Cell Towers - Monopole/SST
  • Light Poles
  • Anchor Bolt Sizes from .750"- 2.50"
  • Test loads up to 300,000 lbs (300kips) performed on site
We Have The Most Compact Through-Hole Jacks in the Industry
  • Our equipment is custom designed & made w/ limited access spaces in mind
  • Every piece is tested & certified to meet ASTM E 488 Standards
  • Our testing procedures satisfy the strictest requirements of tower site owners (including Crown Castle)
We have the equipment and ability to perform tests that most companies simply do not have- give us a try.

We'll be happy to help you determine the best way to get your anchors tested 1st time around- no games, no empty promises, and no scheduling delays!

Quick Turnaround Times
All Inclusive Flat Rates
Multi Site Discounts

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